It is possible to buy and sell game components on the market to other players such as runners, taverns, decorations, keys and any NFTs obtained in-game.
The currency selected to be used in these trades is BUSD, this decision was made to avoid a large direct impact on the chart, thus, it is not necessary to use $RLT directly in trades.
A 12% fee will be charged for each transaction carried out on the market, the amounts obtained through these fees will be used for repurchasing (5%), development and marketing.

Update 07/29/2022:

  • From 29th of July 2022 at 21hrs UTC, all NFTs displayed on Marketplace will have a cost of 100 RLT per week to remain visible for sale. NFTs that do not have this amount paid will no longer be displayed on the Marketplace until they are paid (they will be inactive in inventory in the "ON MARKETPLACE" tab).
  • This fee will always be valid to make the NFT available for sale for 7 days.
  • In-game $RLTs will be used to pay these fees.