Runners can be upgraded to maximize their potential, when upgrading, the player will select another runner as upgrade material and pay a initial $RLT fee - This $RLT fee can be increased by the player to get better upgrades probabilities.
The player will have to choose ONE NFT to be Upgraded and ONE NFT to be BURNED (removed from their inventory).
In this example we are choosing two common NFTs. One to be Upgraded (ID: #856) and one to be Burned (ID: #857). There will appear some options to choose from the Upgrade result. In this case, we have only one option, that will bring your NFT to Lvl 2.
The Player can increase the $RLT payment to have more Upgrade Options to choose from. In this case, we increased the $RLT payment to 300. So now we have more chances to upgrade even more the choosen Card.
All the Raririties will have at least 5 LVL's. But there's a little spin: With 1 Legendary Lvl 5 you can Upgrade to a Mythical Card using one LEGENDARY to Burn. The Mythical Card will always be 15/15/15, but will have only 1 Lvl. Note that to get this upgrade will have 50% to FAIL. So be alert :) The Mythical was made to be extremely rare on the game!
All probabilities and chances of upgrades were developed based on a large and complex calculation, aiming at the effectiveness of the feature for the players and also a little mystery to enhance the fun :) Note: New costs for the Upgrade - 260, 320, 450 $RLT.