🔝Runner Rating

Each part has a classification, which shows the type of runner it is, the parts can be classified as defense, attack, support and hybrid, the combination of these parts will tell the type of runner the player has.

The types of each part are determinated by the complete runner, currently there are 25 runners of each type. When mixing the parts to form a new runner, he will inherit the classification based on the largest amount of parts of the same type, example: if a runner has 2 support parts and Only one attack part, he will be considered as support.

The hybrid has a different way to be generated, in addition to being complete or with two parts of hybrid classification, it also receives this classification if it has the 3 different parts, for example: attack head, support body, defense equipment.

Ps: Ratings are only effective in PvP mode.

Ps: Each body part allocates a different skill card, it is only used in PvP mode.

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