The breed can be used to generate a new runner, after two runners reach adulthood (15 days), they will be able to reproduce, in this way the generated runner will inherit characteristics from his parents and receive random status. Each runner has a number of times he can reproduce, after reaching the maximum number, he becomes sterile, in addition, reproduction has fees that will change according to the amount of breed of his parents and also according to the economic scenario of the game. Fees are paid in $RLT and $LPT.

Total Breed$LPT$RLT


250 $LPT

1.500 $RLT


500 $LPT

2.500 $RLT


1.000 $LPT

3.500 $RLT


2.000 $LPT

4.500 $RLT


4.000 $LPT

5.500 $RLT


8.000 $LPT

6.500 $RLT


16.000 $LPT

7.500 $RLT

After choosing the runners, the fee value and the amount of breeding of each one will appear, there is no way to know which runner will be generated until the breeding is completed, the only information provided is that the generated runner has 75% chance of inheriting visual characteristics from his parents, but there is a 25% chance of a random runner.

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