The Runnerland Story

In a distant land, Runnerland is a village located in the middle of a dense forest, its residents live peacefully and in a hurry, the village elders always say that one day they will need to find a way out of the forest, because the forest resources are slowly running out, for that, they need to train to survive the crossing, because the residents constantly try, some come back hurt, others scared and some just disappear, but this happen due to the monsters that inhabit it, evil creatures which the only objective is to capture unsuspecting adventurers, as their vital energy is needed to bring ultimate evil to the land. With this wave of disappearances, the elders decided to hold daily competitions to identify residents with potential to become Runners, Runners are people with exceptional attributes, insuring them a greater chance of survival. Will the Runners now make it through the forest? What's outside the forest? Where are the monsters coming from?
Last modified 1yr ago