📖Story Mode

Story Mode and Workers:

  • The player must have at least 1 Worker Runner to play the Story Mode. The more Workers, the more you can play;

  • The Worker can be acquired buying Worker Box on RunnerLand's Shop or from other players through the Marketplace;

  • They can come one of their 3 rarities: Novice, Expert or Master. The rarer, the more the worker will be able to play in story mode and in turn, collect more items. Also the rarer, the faster the worker will craft Battle Items;

  • Workers will also be used for Crafting items after the player acquires Battle Item Recipes from the Bosses;

  • The Story mode will have different levels of difficulty, where in each of them, you must have specific Battle Items crafted on your inventory to play;

  • Story Mode will be a dynamic game where the ability to collect items will depend on the player's dexterity skill. Levels will have progressively higher difficulty;

  • Worker Box Pre-sale will be sold with a discount price and will have a limited supply.

Story Mode Levels:

  • In Story Mode, the player must unlock levels by getting the Battle Items that the level will require. To get such items, the player will need to beat the Bosses of the levels to collect the Recipes with their Runners and, later, Craft the Battle Items with their Workers;

  • Basic items will be used in Recipes for Crafting Battle Items. The player will be able to acquire them by defeating the monsters in the different levels of Story Mode.

Battle Items:

  • Will be acquired through Recipes and must be Crafted by your Workers. They can also be purchased from another player via the Marketplace;

  • You will need to have certain Battle Items in your account to unlock Story Mode levels;

  • They will be fundamental to stand out in RunnerLand's PvP mode;

  • Some Battle Items will also be useful for Adventure Mode.

Story Mode Level Bosses:

  • Each Level of Story Mode will have 2 bosses, where when they are defeated, they can drop a pack of Basic Items or Battle Item Recipes to be used for crafting a Battle Item;

  • The drops and the Boss that the player will duel will be random, that is, the player will probably need to battle more than 2 times with them to get the Battle Items Recipes to later be Crafted by the Workers;

  • In the duel with the Bosses, the player must allocate 5 Runners to fight him. Runners' stats will make them more likely to win;

  • Boss duels will leave your Runners with 0% HP.

Craft Houses:

  • It will be the place where the player can place Workers to Craft Battle Items. For this the player must allocate the Workers, select the Battle Item Recipe and select the basic items that the recipe asks for. From there, the player must wait for the Workers to finish the job, which may or may not be successful; The rarer the Worker and the more Workers the player allocates in the Craft, the greater chance of success of the service and less working time;

More specific details about the Story Mode will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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